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Jul 25, 2011 07:54 AM

Crystal Hot Sauce

Every time I travel to the US I pick up a large bottle of Crystal Hot Sauce, a Louisiana-style medium spicy sauce. With my sock depleting, and no US trip in the near future, I started looking for it locally.

Anyone know where/if this is available in Montreal? I tried Douceurs du marche but no luck.


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  1. Unfortunately, I have never found it in Quebec. It's my favorite--a sentimental holdover from living in New Orleans for a while in my youth--and I always buy it when in Vermont because a:) It's cheap (not as cheap as you can get it in the South, but still), and b:) while I used to have a fondness for Tabasco and all its iterations as well, you'd think it was gold the way it's priced up here.