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Jul 25, 2011 05:22 AM

Delicious finds between Bayfield and Chetek, WI?

On our vacation this year, we'll be camping near Bayfield for several nights and then heading to a cabin near Chetek for a few more nights. We're planning to stock up on supplies between camping & cabin. Are there any special stops to be made on the road between Bayfield and Chetek? We'll be driving via 63 to Spooner, then heading south on 53. I'm particularly interested in finding some good bacon and bratwurst, but would also stop for amazing pies, candy, cheese, beer, etc. I'd also be interested to know if there are any co-ops or natural food stores on the way. Many thanks!

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  1. In Rice Lake:
    - There is a Norske Nook you could check out for pie.

    - There’s also a great little local and cheap diner for breakfast—Maxines. Great French Toast and breakfast potatoes…order them with cheese and gravy and you’ll fit right in.

    - There was a health food store/co-op in for years right on Main Street, but I tried to look it up and I think it may have closed. Not sure if anyone else on here would have more information.

    - There is also a cheese store—Miller’s Cheese House—that is kind of a funny little stop, but if you live in/close to a city you may not find the cheese selection particularly exciting.

    Other area notes:

    There is Viking Brewery in Dallas, close to Chetek. Not sure if they give tours or if there’s anything to see there, but you could look into that.

    Hustad’s Sugar Bush in Cumberland sells Maple Syrup, maple candy, etc.

    Norske Nook
    2900 Pioneer Ave, Rice Lake, WI 54868

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      Thanks for the tips! I forgot about the Viking Brewery; that's a definite possibility. Pie and cheese in Rice Lake sounds unbeatable.

      1. Blue Vista Farm, just outside Bayfield, is a nice operation and has its own farm store with fresh fruit, jams, salsas, etc. Definitely worth a visit.

        1. Thanks for the tips! We wound up getting pie at the Main Street Cafe in Bloomer on the recommendation of the cabin owner. They were delicious and very reasonably priced-- a big crumb-topped strawberry-rhubarb was $6. We also stopped at Lynn's Custom Meats in Hayward, where we got some great new york strip steaks, fresh liver sausage, and house-made jerky.

          I'll have to visit Blue Vista Farm and South Shore Brewing on our next trip to Bayfield-- we definitely hope to go back soon.

          1. Bona Casa foods outside of Cumberland is fantastic homemade Italian food. I grew up in Rice Lake and insist on a visit to Bona Casa every time we're home!