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Jul 25, 2011 05:09 AM

Unusual dishes - greater London

A review and a request:

Had dinner (twice) at Arbutus in Soho recently and was delighted: I had a dish called "Pieds et paquets - lambs' tripe parcels and trotters (Marseilles style)" which was fantastic. Hard to describe...two bundles of minced meat and grain(?) wrapped in skin-like meat, PLUS a small cast iron pot with chunks of tripe and vegs in a thick broth. The flavors were just what an organ-meat lover would want - that pungent, rich, sort of sour flavor. Another marvelous item was the "Warm crisp pig's head, radIsh and turnip salad" which was a sort of thick, warm slab of meaty terrine.

At this point you're either really with me or totally turned off. If you're with me, read on.

Where else - BESIDES ST. JOHNS (I'm going) - can one find delightful unusual organ-y things of this nature in greater London? Really good blood sausage, or "umble" pies, or the like. All ethnicities considered. Shock me!


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  1. In North London two that come to mind are Antepliler Ciger Kebap Salonu in Haringey, who do excellent grilled offal kebabs (liver, heart, kidney, sweetbreads, testicles), and The Bull and Last who have some offally things on their charcuterie board (including a lovely, crispy pigs head terrine) and bar snack pig trotter wontons.
    Otherwise there's the famous pig trotters stuffed with sweetbreads and morels at Koffmans at the Berkeley, and any good Sichuanese/Hunanese restaurant (I like the intestines at Chilli Cool and Golden Day and the tendon and tripe at No. 10 in particular).

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      Thanks for response - will report back when I try them. - BIM