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Jul 24, 2011 11:24 PM

Customized Elmo Birthday Cake Needed from Chinese Bakery. Any suggestions?

Our twins are turning 2 and they love Elmo. However our Chinese family love the fruit cakes from Chinese bakeries as they are moist and not too sweet. I don't know if Chinese bakeries do character cakes. A bakery in North York (Yonge/Finch) or Scarborough is ideal. Thank you.

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  1. you can order pre-printed icing toppings for cakes, and place on a cake... did this for my daughter years ago and it worked out great. not sure if it worul work on fruit cake.

    My wife ordered the topping, it comes on a plastic sheet, and you just peel it off and put it on the cake.

    1. I think you should check in with your favorite bakery before searching too hard. Elmo is not exactly obscure. Is there a bakery in your nieghbourhood? I would check there first, you maybe surprised.

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        Yes, chinese bakeries do character cakes. Go to one close to your home. Most have a photo book that you can choose from. In the past, I have gotten minnie mouse, sailor moon, dora, lion king and many others for birthdays.
        If you cannot find one, the one I go to is inside Peachtree (Kennedy and 7).