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Mar 17, 2006 02:52 PM

Mi Piace (Pasadena) - Reviews?

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I was wondering if anyone has been to Mi Piace in Old Town Pasadena. Any recommendations on what to try or not try?


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  1. I think the food is okay, but it is incredibly loud and packed at all times. The service suffers because of this on most occasions.

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    1. re: Clare K.

      been here several times. after the first one, it was against my will...never had anything that was more than barely passable. each time was a bit worse than the time before. loud, pretentious, with marginal food.

      1. re: chez cherie

        I hate this place. Bad food, bad attitude, bad atmosphere.

        1. re: Cecilbee

          Mi Piace is ABSOLUTELY the MOST OVERRATED RESTAURANT in Los Angeles. The food is boring, over priced and tepid the times I've been there. The attitude & arrogance of the host staff is really unbelievable. They make you feel that it's an honor to wait an hour for a table & that eating here is truly for the fortunate few. The owner prances around with his pony tail & baseball hat acting as if you are here to pay him tribute for being allowed to dine in his restaurant. Just damn ARROGANT. My recs for good Italian food in Pasadena would be:
          1. La Foraneta
          2. Il Forniao
          3. Tre Venzie

          These may not be the best Italian restaurants in L.A. but they certainly are much better than Mi Piace.

          1. re: Warren G.

            Agreed about Il Piace, and Louise's is another place to scratch off the list. If you must have mediocre Italian, why not paronize chains like Il Fornaio, Maggiano's and even Macaroni Grill, at least they're reasonably customer friendly and much more willing to acknowledge their limitations.

    2. It sucks. The food is weak and served by some of the worst waiters to ever walk the face of the Earth. The fact that it is crowded (and Cheesecake Factory across the street is crowded), will forever make me skeptical of recommendations from Pasadena residents. Unfair and unfortunate, but true.

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      1. re: glutton

        i don't live in pasadena, but i've been there enough to say your opinion of the pasadena restaurant patrons is unfair - can you tell me one city in california or nevada that has a "slow" cheesecake facory ? there are many fine restaurants in pasadena, mi piace is not a bad place - i've been there several times - in my opinion, it's inconsistent, but it's not bad. it's better than the other italian places in the old town area though i've yet to try the italian place that is in the old delmonico's pizza space on fair oaks - i'm old it's a decent restaurant - i will try it soon.

        1. re: glutton

          Boy, this comment is harsh. Doesn't Glutton know that the only people who pack the Cheesecake Factory and Mi Piace...and a good portion of the Old Town Colorado Strip restaurants...aren't even from Pasadena? Tourist traps, every one of them.

          For Mi Piace, the last tiime I went was for breakfast because that is another thing we desperately lack in Pas, and the service was atrocious, food just OK. The food's always just been OK at Piace. Though we did like it when we first moved here aout five years ago. For Italian, I like Celestino on Lake and Brigante in SoPas. I like Tre Venezie, but different food and expensive. For pizza, we get Manny's delivered and I've picked up a couple nice pies from the Kitchen. Villa Sorriso wasn't too bad for lunch, but it's pretty mediocre. As is Louise's.

          1. re: diningdivala

            Agreed. Locals in Pasadena know better. UCLA, Oxy or PCC students who just want a place to hang out typically don't care. I lived in Pasadena for four years and never once ate at CF and only one time (after much arm twisting) ate at MP.

          2. re: glutton

            That's harsh, dude. I live in Pasadena and I never go near Old Town anymore.

            1. re: glutton

              I think this criticism is a bit too harsh. I've actually enjoyed the food at some of the chains in Old Pas and on South Lake. Not every meal at a chain is bad, just as not every meal at a hole-in-the-wall is good. As I haven't eaten the main dishes as Mi Piace, I can't comment on those, but the dessert and coffee were okay (perhaps a bit over-priced, but given the location...)

              I find Old Pas is way too crowded on the weekends, and I generally don't like to go anywhere on the main strip at that time. However, midweek, it's a nice place to shop, run errands and eat out or see a movie. Also, I've only been to the Cheesecake Factory 3-4 times in my entire life, and I think the food there is fine. I would go back to both Mi Piace and Cheesecake Factory.

              1. re: katkoupai

                Re-reading my old comment, I'll agree that I was overly harsh, as I quite enjoy Old Pas now and recognize that there's a time and place (and need) for CF and MP.

            2. Unless you're only going for a drink at the bar, I would skip Mi Piace, especially the Pasadena one (the Burbank one is marginally better, probably due to lower volume). The owners are Armenian, not Italian; the cooks are Mexican, not Italian. If you want decent Italian in Pasadena, you'd do better at Il Fornaio. Better yet, hop on the 134 to Glendale and go to Far Niente for the ravioli pomodoro.

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              1. re: donnymac

                If you are going to disqualify eating at an Italian, (or any other type of food for that matter) restaurant in the greater LA area because the cooks are from Mexico then you are going to be eating your meals at home 98% of the time. (g)

              2. I've been there twice all because my friends want to go there. I don't know what the deal is, but I'm not impressed by it at all. Their food is just OK...I don't crave it! I hate the waiting, it's ridiculous and not worth it!
                One time, i went there for my friend's birthday celebration that contained 20 something people...Of course, not everyone was on time! BUt we ordered the food anyway without waiting for the late people..
                I overheard the manager getting annoyed and chatting w/the waiter about his complaints w/our late arrivals. How professional is that?

                1. The bread they serve is pretty good, but that's about all I can remember