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Jul 24, 2011 09:18 PM

Where to eat @ Wynn/Encore?

I know that there are better choices in Las Vegas, but we'll be staying at the Encore and would like to have dinner in one night. What is the best place for a wonderful dinner at Wynn/Encore one evening?

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  1. Bartolotta, for excellent seafood and Italian. The menu is online. Whole fresh fish, flown in from the Mediterranean, is the star. It's prepared very simply, but is very, very good.

    1. Since I will be staying at the Encore, and really enjoy wonderful fish, I called Bartalotta and inquired about dining solo there. They were strangely unaccomodating, telling me pretty much that they really do not serve fish for one...all of their fish are sized for two or more persons, and pretty much told me that if I wanted fish, I should look elsewhere!

      1. The Wynn / Encore is where we stay too. We've eaten in every restaurant there and have consistently had good experiences. We've had some really great times just waking over the bridge to the Venetian. Walk through the shopping promenade go out the exit doors and the walk over bridge is right there. Bouchon there has a GREAT seafood bar for Fruits de mere and they also have great fish dishes among other delicious food. It is a crowded, lively atmosphere. A good place to people watch if you are by yourself too.

        Do look ina ll the restarants at the Wynn. Some are really beautiful. One has a hand blown glass dragon covering one wall. In another, the wholer oom changes, the walls come down the chandeliers change etc every 20 minutes. Enjoy yourself! You can't go wrong.

        3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109