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Jul 24, 2011 08:44 PM

Flay vs. Christensen - Iron Chef America

I watched this with great interest because Chef Christensen is a great chef from my area. I was shocked with Alton Brown's comment to one of the judges - sorry I don't remember his name - that "hats weren't allowed in the Chairman's house" or something to that effect. I thought it was extremely rude - and a little humiliating for the judge. Very bad TV in my opinion -- what where the people in charge thinking to air this?

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  1. Flay obviously had experience with chub salmon that Christensen did not. It really showed, as did Steingarten's rudeness - which is of course his "character." Haven't watched this show in a while b/c it just isn't that good but tuned in to watch a local chef. ICA seems like it's gotten more and more stage-managed and scripted. I'd be interested to hear what Ms. Christensen says about it since I've read she claimed it was the most surreal experience of her life.

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      I thought Steingarten was nicer than usual. I thought the chairmen thought so too. Did you see the exageratted eye pop when Jeffrey said he agreed with the woman judge? I assumed that was what he was reacting to.

    2. That interaction could well have been scripted. Remember at the start Alton read a letter to an under achieving child from the 'chairman'.

      1. I watched this, and for the first time felt that the judging was screwy. While we can't taste the dishes, so can't object to the scores for taste, it seemed obvious that Christensen would at least win on "originality", she certainly did more interesting and unusual things with the salmon, yet Flay won that portion 13-10.

        1. I think her plating was better and her dishes looked more interesting. Her team also seemed much more cohesive, acting in the best definition of "team".

          I think her dishes may have been trying to avoid the leanness of the fish to the extent that the judges felt the integrity of the dish was lost. Bobby has an edge in experience in knowing how the judges think.

          I felt Christensen and Co. presented themselves really well and that most viewers would be intrigued with her restaurant based on the teams performance.

          I thought the judge took the hat comment in stride, didn't seem humiliated IMO.

          I also agree that Steingarten seemed less of a curmudgeon than usual.

          1. I just watched this on tivo a few hours ago. I haven't watch ICA in ages because Flay is the only IC I care to see and he's rarely on anymore. I was underwhelmed with the dishes and ideas presented.