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WA roadtrip-worthy restaurants

So here's a broad question: What areas in Washington, outside the Seattle area, are worth a weekend road trip just for the food? My Sweetie and I surprise each other with a weekend away every birthday (the travel is no longer a surprise of course -- just the destination), and while we've seen some lovely places, we often find disappointing food. If you were deciding where to go on food alone, where would you pick? If it makes a difference, we travel in July and November.


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  1. Orcas Island in July. Walla Walla in November.

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      Ditto on Orcas Island (ditto on the July, too). And there's Willows Inn on Lummi of course...but in general, outside the metro area, it's slim pickings. You can eat fairly well in the Methow Valley (Mazama/Winthrop/Twisp) and on Whidbey Island but I wouldn't go just for the food. Weekends in Vancouver BC and Portland would be better bets.

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        Oh, and Edison/Bow just because it is so unexpected to find a town with two taverns, two bakeries, a specialty food shop, a couple of galleries, and not much more in the middle of all those fields. Collect a picnic and go to the Padilla Bay Reserve. Or eat at the Rhodie or the other cafe just "out of town" or up onto the Chuckanut Bay road.

    2. The Whoopemup Hollow Cafe in Waitsburg is excellent! Also worth trying in the general neighborhood is Patit Creek Restaurant in Dayton. Unfortunately, your travel times don't coincide with the asparagus season--Los Hernandez's asparagus tamales in Union Gap are superb!

      Patit Creek Restaurant
      725 E Dayton Ave, Dayton, WA 99328

      Whoopemup Hollow Cafe
      120 Main St, Waitsburg, WA 99361

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        I should also add that you can get good food in Yakima. We went to Cafe Melange where I had perfectly cooked salmon and my husband was pleased with his rack of lamb. Good wine list too.

        Cafe Melange
        7 N Front St, Yakima, WA 98901

      2. I'm heading up to Orca Island (I think) for my boyfriends birthday in September. Where should we eat? We live in SF so have lots of variety- looking for great seafood! Thanks!!

        1. Whidbey Island - three restaurants:
          BBQ Joint, Oak Harbor;
          Frasers Gourmet Hideaway, Oak Harbor;
          Ciao, Coupeville

          Frasers Gourmet Hideaway
          1191 SE Dock St Ste 101, Oak Harbor, WA 98277

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            Gordon's on Blueberry Hill in Freeland is also fantastic on Whidbey Island! :)

          2. Go to Port Townsend, and do dinner at Ajax Cafe; a real fun experience, and the food is very good. Everyone picks out a hat to wear during dinner from the selections on the walls. Live music, good fresh fish, steaks, local oysters on the 1/2 shell, etc.

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              Wow is Ajax still there? I remember eating there over 20 years ago! Forks in the ceiling, ship wreck in the bay...was good food then as I recall!

            2. I would also second Willows Inn on Lumi Island. A real destination and foodie experience. Chef came from NOMA. However, I wouldn't stay there. Expensive for occomadations. A couple other B&B's on-island are better value.

              1. Frieda's (high end Mexican) in Anacortes. A beautiful restaurant with original Mexican artwork and a sensational menu. Extremely well prepared meals. One of the best chile rellenos (placed on a guac/lime/cilantro sauce) I've ever had including those from Mexico and New Mexico. Didn't try the tamales but they looks outstanding as well. Downtown.

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                  Try Dockside Grill on Sequim Bay on the Olympic Peninsula. It is delicious for fresh seafood and steaks, and the waterfront dining is unbeatable. They are in featured September's issue of Sunset magazine (this month). There are many beautiful bed and breakfast places also, like Collete's B&B, for something unique there is Red Caboose Inn, which are different themed train cars!

                2. I must recommend Sleeping Lady Resort in Leavenworth. All organic. AMAZING summer produce. It is an amazing resort with spa. Dinner IS a buffet - but fabulous. They have a salad bar which will challange your notions - organic produce grown right there at the resort. Everything picked that day. Food that tastes like amazing food. Very amenable to special diets -GF was no problem, and in fact they went out of their way to tell us abou the GF things they would LOVE to make for my friend! Great place,peaceful grounds, full bars (thank gawd), pool, spa, etc. Love it there. Less than a mile from downtown Leavenworth but feels far away. Nothing Bavarian at SL!! LOL!