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Jul 24, 2011 08:12 PM

What to do with leftover egg whites

I've been making ice cream lately using egg yolks and of course have these leftover whites. Nobody in this house likes egg white omelets, and how many meringues does one need? Anybody have any good suggestions?

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  1. Angelfood cake, divinity or nougat candy.

    1. I second the angelfood cake. I always make it with the leftover whites from ice cream and then serve said ice cream atop said cake with a pile of fresh fruit.

      1. macarons! (not coconut macaroons; French pastry macarons)

        1. I suggest that you use your egg whites to make a frittata adding whole eggs to the mixture. I use rehydrated dried egg whites to reduce the amount of cholesterol content that is the equivalent of 6 eggs plus 3 whole fresh eggs when I make a frittata. The frittata is a combination of aromatic vegetables and leftovers made in an old-fashioned cast iron skillet. The combination of ingredients is started on our cooktop until there are signs of the bottom setting, and then put under the broiler to fininsh the frittata. No flipping of the frittata is necessary using this method. And the resulting frittata is always delicious.

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            Yes, I just add them to my omelets. I find that one yolk per 3 egg whites gives enough yolk flavor and tenderness so you don't feel like you're eating an egg white omelet (which I don't care for).

          2. You can put them in a glass pie plate and hard cook them in the microwave. I then chop them up with a pastry blender and use in tuna salad or egg salad, etc. They also freeze well.

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              that's a *great* idea -- I don't always have the time or inclination to make macarons or an angel-food cake, but I hate pouring them in the trash!