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Jul 24, 2011 06:48 PM

Kansas City Dinner Clubs?

Interested in forming or joining an existing Dinner Club. Only want serious home cooks so that excludes most of our friends. Any ideas on how to start group or find an existing group? Google search didn't yield anything. We are late 30's just want to cook, eat and have some drinks with folks that enjoy the same. This sounds like a personal ad doesn't it? Really we are very normal professional people. BTW we live in Lee's Summit but will drive for good food. We usually drive all over metro for food in order to avoid chain eateries in our area. Sorry this sounds so strange.

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  1. Try meet ups? I'm too far out in northwestern Joco to answer your "ad." I drive for good food and conversation, but Lee's Summit is just too far. Good luck, and please report back!

    1. Hello Matt - not sure if you will get this seeing how old this post is, but my wife and I are interested in something like this. If you've started or want to start something like this than let me know!

      Ray (we live in Raymore)

      1. I'd be interested. I'm moving to KC from Boston, arriving in mid-January. Would also love to talk food...

        We are moving to Hyde Park.

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          You might wanna' post over in the KC Rag forum I posted to you in your previous thread. They might like that idea.

        2. Hey all. Back in 2011 shortly after posting this I found Test Kitchen in a Google search. Did 3/5 Vagabonds and have done 2 of the Test Kitchen dinners. If you are not part of it you should Google and sign up. Planning starting dinner club with existing friends/friends due to enough interest. Thanks for replying.

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   I've heard about this one. A top chef from a top KC restaurant cooks a lavish dinner for 10 lucky people.