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Jul 24, 2011 05:43 PM

celis white?

Hi All...long story short. I'm from Limburg, the Netherlands, close to Belgium and have been very fortunate to have had access to the good old Hoegaarden white beer long time in my life. Then, it became a bit less good (after the take-over). Then, years later, a friend introduced me to Celis white. Excellent.
I even had it in the US last year. And now, I cannot find it. I wanna order online for a friend living in the US. Please help?!


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  1. The Celis brand (and, IIRC, some of the equipment) was sold by Miller Brewing Co. to the Michigan Brewing Co. of Webberville, MI around a decade ago. Unfortunately, their website is currently down I've seen their beers in Pennsylvania, but don't know what their actual distribution area is.

    A list of retailers that sell beer "mail order" can be found at but be aware that state laws vary on the legality of shipping beer.

    1. Wilem,
      You are ideally positioned to get ahold of what I consider the very best Belgian witbier, Blanche de Namur. I believe it is far better than any of the Celis beers, though your experience may differ. Anyway, if you can find it in the Netherlands, give it a try.

      1. This is probably old news to most, but Pierre Celis died a few months ago. Rumor is that his daughter Christine is planning to introduce some beers based on his recipes. Hopefully a wit.

        1. Thanks for your help JessKidden.
          Tripeler: thx, I'll go taste some!

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            Don't forget that alcohol laws in the US vary from state to state and can be quite archaic in some. You may not be able to mail order the beer and have it delivered to your friend.

            I was a huge fan of Celis when they were in Austin. I still have some glassware and still miss my Celis hat. It blew off my head one New Year's Eve when my sister-in-law's boyfriend gunned the boat on a ride down the intracoastal waterway in FL.