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Mar 17, 2006 01:20 PM

Why do I bother with the Back Door Bakery??

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I guess it's mainly because it's right here in Silverlake, but I think after today I won't be going back - ever. The bagel I got a) took 20 minutes to toast; b) did not come with the butter I requested which I found out after I took it home; c) tastes like regular bread in the shape of a bagel.

I've tried their crossaints which are big and crispy on the outside, but doughy and so greasy on the inside. The brownies are dry and the service is sooooooooo slow. I don't get why it's crowded every morning.

Sorry for my rant. I just really wanted a decent bagel and am pissed off about not getting one.

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  1. You're brave to have lasted this long. I gave up in about 1997 after I got 1) rotten, musty blueberries in a turnover 2) rock-hard raw apples in another pastry and 3) refusal to make an ice tea despite the presence of tea and ice.
    Oh, and when I tried to take a picture of the front one time for an article, they practically called the cops on me.
    They're well-meaning, but another of the many examples of local places that just can't get it right.


    1. You're totally justified. Good rant.

      I've also given up on this place

      1. They don't have bagels, but I've been getting baked goods from what it looks like they're now calling Bodybuilder's Cafe, next door to the gym on Hyperion. The scones and cookies there are amazing. I got a mexican hot chocolate one there this morning that's awesome. Yesterday: oatmeal rasberry and a strawberry scone.

        1. I am with you 100%!! I live right up the street and it's such a shame that they can't seem to get their act together. I would love to see a great bakery cafe open up in their space. Seems like a waste that they are there.

          I tried a bagel there recently and was highly disappointed. You are right - it is basically their regular bread shaped into the form of a bagel!

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            rabo encendido

            I actually like the croissants here, although they do not at all resemble their French namesake. And you're right---greasy.

            As Chowpatty says, they're well-meaning, and---in my experience---nice folks. Problem is, croissant-like thingy aside, the food is not good and the service---such as it is---is slow and inept.

            Right idea and philosophy, bad execution.