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Jul 24, 2011 04:24 PM

Preparing Ground Tofu?

I have a couple of blocks of firm tofu in my refrigerator. I use it in all sorts of recipes but I've never prepared ground tofu at home and am very interested in doing this so there's more versatility in how I enjoy tofu.

Does anyone have any tips on making ground tofu at home? Do you buy ground tofu already prepared?

I was thinking that I'd chop or process the firm (or extra firm) tofu into very tiny chunks and season it up well (of course after draining all of the water out) and then fry it in a pan like ground beef or turkey is often done.

I could do this and face trial and error, but wanted to post here first to get some advice or ideas...and to find out if the supposed technique above is the right way to go about making my own ground tofu for things such as:

--stuffed bell peppers with rice
-vegan tacos
-vegan dirty rice
-filling for vegan enchiladas
-topping for vegan/vegetarian nachos
-homemade lettuce cups

and so on.

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  1. you might actually want to look at tvp (textured vegetable protein) dry flakes for the preps you are considering. tvp is sold in bulk in co-ops and health food stores. you can add your spices of choice and then rehydrate the tvp by pouring very hot water over, making a servicable vegan "sausage"/ground "meat" with various flavor profiles. in my own experience the flavor is better, it's less greasy (no oil required) and there is less problems with water exuding into the final dish, making it soggy.

    again, my apologies to the "just answer the *^%*$ question" folks, i've just made a whole heck of a lot of vegan meat subs, is all :)

    1. Freeze the tofu after draining it well. Then thaw it out and crumble it. Freezing changes the texture to mimic a ground meat product.

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        +1. I much prefer frozen crumbled tofu to TVP.

      2. My daughter is a vegetarian and one of her favorite ground tofu recipes is tofu-nut balls. Take a block of tofu (12-16 oz--it really doesn't matter), drain it for a few minutes, then chop into about 8 pieces. Set aside. Into your food processor, throw a cup of walnuts and process until ground. Throw in the tofu pieces, 2-3 Tbsp of tamari or any soy sauce, 1 cup wheat germ, about 1 cup cooked brown rice (I cheat and use those precooked Trader Joe's packages, defrosted in the microwave). Process into a rough paste, then form into walnut size balls. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. These are delicious with ketchup, but you could also put them in tomato sauce.

        When using ground tofu, you really don't need to season or cook it first. Just mix it with whatever else you're using, and season the whole mixture. This will save you a step.