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Jul 24, 2011 03:22 PM

Where can I buy lard near Silver Spring, Maryland?

I am trying to make something using someone's grandmother's pie crust recipe, which calls for lard. But I am having trouble finding any. I would appreciate any suggestions on where to get good quality lard. Thanks.

Silver Spring, MD

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  1. I'd say any grocery store, but you could try a Latin market. There are plenty around Silver Spring.

    1. You can find tubs labeled 'lard' at many Hispanic markets, and it will be no different than Crisco, so there is a question of terminology. Are you sure you need pork lard? I don't know much about shopping in MoCo, but it is not so easy to find in Arlington, where I have found glass jars of it at the meat counter in Food Star.

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        Amish markets are a dependable source of lard. There's one in Germantown and one in Laurel. Neither are particularly close to Silver Spring, unfortunately.

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          Truck Patch Farms, which sells at farmers markets throughout the area, carries pure leaf lard.

        2. you can get it at the bestway on piney branch

          1. Any grocery with a latino food section. Lard in Spanish is "manteca" and 1-pound boxes of it are sure to be there, given its importance in latin recipes.

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              I have not been able to find the boxes! I only find the tubs, which is essentially "whipped" lard. Hydrogenated. My grandmother used to buy boxes that were basically large butter type boxes.

              But i also wasn't aware that the lard I am buying is not animal lard?

            2. I noticed some at Giant in Wheaton yesterday--near the butter at the back of the store.

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                Try Pan Am grocery stores its a chain that caters towards latins -I have seen lard in the Laurel store they have one on Georgia Ave

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                  I bought some in a white plastic tub labeled lard as well as manteca, but it is not the same as pork lard and it seems like a vegetable shortening. So it might be perfect for pie crusts (I am guesing this is what the OP wants), but it would not be good for making carnitas.