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Jul 24, 2011 03:05 PM

Trio of starters like at L'Agrume?

We've been in Paris for over a week and had our best meal (lunch) at L'Agrume. Wow, we were blown away by their offerings for a mere 17 euros. Whenever we pay near that much at any other inferior cafe, we always compare it to our L'Agrume experience. The best part is that it is just a short walk from our apartment.

Our favorite part of the meal is that they gave 3 mini starters as their entree. A tiny seafood soup, a little chevre caprese-like salad, and a tiny proscuitto and melon salad. We loved how we were able to sample a number of dishes like this and it actually filled us up.

I'm wondering if there are other comparable restaurants that serve a number of little appetizers like this as part of its entree portion for lunch? Anything under 25 euros would be fine.

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  1. The only restaurant I know who does that sort of thing is L'Arnsbourg, in Lorraine. Small, delicate appetizers - about 6 or 7 of them - make up the first part of the meal.

    In Paris, you can go to La Boule Rouge or any other Jewish-Tunisian restaurant in the same neighborhood, the kemia (a collection of small appetizers) will be on the table but it will be charged extra on your check. But that's Jewish-Tunisian cooking: tasty, but in a very different style. Not sure the whole experience will be less than 25 euros either.

    Or go to Naniwa-Ya or Kunitoraya on rue Sainte-Anne (don't bother with Kunitoraya 2) after 6 PM for Japanese-style tapas. Or to Izakaya Isse, rue de Richelieu.

    Judging by your report, L'Agrume seems to have improved tremendously...