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Jul 24, 2011 02:44 PM

Which stainless steel pan to buy? (in UK)

I am looking to get a decent stainless steel frying pan but am not sure what brand to go for. Basically I need a good tripple layer (?) solid stainless steel at least 30 cm wide. Any recommendations?

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  1. All Clad is available; some Le Creuset stainless used to be available but may be discontinued and you can probably get Mauviel SS in the UK but otherwise not a good selection in the UK. Some on line places that do a line in All Clad but it's way more expensive than in North America. I'd probably try for Mauviel out of France.

    1. Check out DeBuyer Affinity; It appears to be available in UK and I would buy it if it was here in US. Good product video on DeBuyer website or there was last time i looked. Have fun with your search!