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Jul 24, 2011 02:17 PM

Odd request... Good Salads.

Looking for a place that has good salads. Either a place to go and get them to go or even a sit down restaurant that has good salads.

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  1. Not an odd request at all. And for me, it's a no brainer. Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza has the best salads in the cities, in my opinion. Either their house salad or the farmers market salad. Both are outstanding. The house is reminiscent of a Caesar, with greens, onions, olives, and shaved Parm. Dressed perfectly. The farmers market changes with the season. I can't say which is better. Both are killer.

    Brasa has a nice romaine salad with fresh mozzarella, but I'd say it's a distant second to black sheep.

    1. While it's nowhere near the main reason to go there, the salad bar at Fogo de Chao has a lot of high-quality ingredients and unusual options. It is available separately from the meat course(s).

      1. My favorite salad is tabouli, and my favorite place to get it is Emily's Deli. Herbacious, tart, refreshing.

        The bibb & vinaigrette and foie & lardon salad at 112 are good.

        Asparagus salad @ La Grassa

        Cobb @ NE Bulldog (when they actually confit the chicken thigh, sometimes they don't)

        Agree on the market salad from Black Sheep (they do a great job of updating their twitter daily).

        Wedge @ Ike's.

        Crab & avocado salad at Sea Salt

        1. Lucia's has amazing salads at lunch and brunch. Changes every week; always quality, interesting, fresh ingredients.

          1. ooo, i love emily's tabouli. also love spoonriver's caesar salad with mock duck (this has spoiled me for enjoying other casears), broder's greek salad is full of veggies and chickpeas, shish has a great fattoush-lemony salad with toasted pita.