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Jul 24, 2011 11:43 AM

NYC to Buffalo

My wife and I are driving from Westchester to Buffalo. We are going to stop overnight in either Binghamton, Syracuse, or somewhere in between. Any culinary destinations that we should stop at en route? Thanks!!

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  1. Dinasour in Syracuse, wegmans in Binghamton, we have stopped by the one on 17, not sure of the exit, a true central, western NY experience. You will really want one in Westchester.

    1. Hope you get some more responses -- I'm doing the same trip in August. Not sure why a grocery store (Wegman's) is a must see.

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        There is nothing in this area remotely like it, and the take out ( they have a sit down area) is very good.

      2. Might help those who want to respond if you told us your route. Are you going north on I-87 and turning at Albany to go across I-90 to Buffalo, or are you heading west from Westchester on perhaps Route 17 and hooking up with Interstate 81 in Binghamton and going north to hook up with I-90 to Buffalo. Makes a whole lot of difference, but assuming you are going to be in Syracuse, I would also concur with the BBQ recommendation for Dinosaurs

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          The route is flexible depending on what's worth seeing and eating. Probably will meander up sort of diagonally toward Ithaca and then on to Toronto, again, unless there's a reason to do otherwise.

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            Oh, If you are meandering and you will go near Ithaca and the Finger Lakes, your options will increse. Do a seach on Ithaca. If I were you I might try to nab a B&B in Trumansburg (nice little town) and eat at Hazelnut Kitchen (in Tburg), Simply Red (at Sheldrake Pt. Winery, not far from Tburg) or Dano's, Suzanne, Stone Cat or Red Newt (on Seneca Lake, but not far from Tburg).

            Hazelnut Kitchen
            53 E Main St, Trumansburg, NY 14886

            Stone Cat Cafe
            5315 Rt 414, Hector, NY 14841

        2. Syracuse area: restaurants worth a detour: Dinosaur BBQ (brisket, ribs, chicken, bikers, blues), Elderberry Pond in Auburn (organic/locovore), Lemon Grass (elegant Thai/steakhouse), L'Adour (French bistro), Heid's (1950's hot dog stand) are all unique and enjoyable.

          Elderberry Pond Restaurant
          3712 Center Street Rd, Auburn, NY 13021

          Lemon Grass
          238 W Jefferson St Stop 1, Syracuse, NY 13202