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Jul 24, 2011 11:41 AM

Is Breed Street Food Fair still around?

I was planing on finally trying all the places at the Breed Street food fair tonight, but it sounds like its been broken up. Does anyone know if it's just moved, or where to go? I really wanted to try Nina's but her twitter hasn't been updated since early this year.


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  1. I was by there the other night and the B of A parking lot was a ghost town.

    There was nothing happening in front of the church just South of Breed street either where you can still find some tasty stuff.

    I ended up going further South to Breed and 4th where the Pozole stand is usually set up.

    Even though the actual Breed street is gone (for me) it is never a loss to go up to that area and drive around and sample foods from the various street vendors.

    Some if it's just ok and some is on par with the old Breed street.

    1. It has been disbanded but some of the folks have branched out. For example; Antojito's Carmen can be found in their new restaurant down the street from the old meeting point of the Breed street gathering. Some folks Say Nina's is still around somewhere but we haven't seen anything on her twitter feed since April.

      Antojitos Carmen
      2510 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033

      1. No, it's been disbanded. I haven't had good luck in Boyle Heights lately—the last time I drove down la Whittier I saw six trucks selling Tijuana-style deep-fried chicken necks (a/k/a Kentucky Fried Buches) but there wasn't much more than the usual assortment of let's-fry-it-all-on-one-flattop.

        The best luck I've had has actually been along Atlantic.

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          So sad. Any update with Nina? I never did get around to trying her food, and her Twitter feed has been inactive for a long time.

          Mr Taster

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            Her son who is supposed to update the Twitter feed is a little bit, um, not very into that task, but she has a semi-permanent home in front of the Breed St. Shul, about a quarter block south of Cesar E. Chávez on the east side of the street. She's normally there by 6:30, serving by 7, and done by 10.

            If you miss her, Carmen (another street food fixture) opened a full-on restaurant at 2510 E. Cesar E. Chávez and serves until medianoche.

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                  Just to clarify...I hope you realize that was a joke. I have the background and know all about the BSS.

                  1. re: SIMIHOUND

                    > "I hope you realize that was a joke"

                    It eludes me entirely. I'm either slow today or missing context!

        2. I think it is terrible that Gloria Molina and the other County and City officials could not find a way to get these people organized, legitimized and permitted and make that wonderful experience know as Breed Street a Farmer's Market or something. What a great and unique experience that was. I learned so much about real Mexican food there. RIP Breed St.

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          1. re: Burger Boy

            They have!! It just opened last weekend, a really wonderful, community-oriented farmer's market with several vendors from Breed Street representing!
            El Mercado del Pueblo Farmer's Market
            Every saturday from either 4-9pm or 5-10pm (not sure, I went around 8pm and it was hopping).
            ON 6th Street between Matthews & Ficket in the parking lot of Hollenbeck Elementary school...
            the whole thing has taken a few years to come about and is a joint project of the East LA Community Corporation and Councilmember Huizar.
            Also, some cool vendors and live music. Highly recommended