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Jul 24, 2011 11:11 AM

Hilton Head Island -

We'll be on Hilton Head for 2 weeks and need some ideas for eating out. A casual lunch place with a water or marsh view woud be good, and other casual places for lunch or supper, and dinner places would also be welcome. We recall that Old Fort Pub used to be very good. Is it still?

Old Fort Pub
Hilton Head Plntn, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

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  1. Here is a whole list about HHI. It is a desert of poor food with very few exceptions. I go to EAT for dinner.

    1. I will second the recommendation for EAT. We were there in March & it was excellent. We normally avoid "celebrity" restuarants like the plague, having come from NYC, but this was different. And we did get to meet Irvine, who was there that night. He "arm-wrestled" our 3 year old son for the check!

      We also had lunch at a cute little French-style place, called Bistro something or other, overlooking a marina. Food was nothing spectacular but the atmosphere helped make up for it.
      We heard great things about Roastfish & Cornbread and want to check it out our next trip.

      1. Have you done any searches for HHI? There are tons of threads with current recommendations. My favorite HHI place is a locally owned and operated spot that gets lots of attention. They are one of the very few spots that serves local seafood and produce - Roastfish & Cornbread. Here are a couple of threads that may help you: