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Jul 24, 2011 10:25 AM

Brunch resto for 12 with reservations

Hey hounds,

I'm looking for a good brunch place for 10-12 people that offers breakfast/brunch on Saturdays and will let us reserve.

None of my usual breakfast haunts take reservations.

For the location, anything west of St-Denis is fair game.


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  1. Never been for brunch but supposedly very good:

    I'm sure they'd take reservations. Had one bad experience two summers ago but returned recently during the week and had a nice lunch. I've heard their weekend brunches are fantastic.

    Not sure what west of St-Denis means... is that Plateau/Outremont/Mile End teritory?

    Lemeac has nice brunches and takes reservations. They can set up a table for 12 on the patio if requested.

    Au Pain Perdu on de la Roche probably takes brunch ressies also. You can also try La Brigade Volante in Griffintown. If all else fails, Jardin Nelson in Old Mtl will accommodate group res for weekend brunch.

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    1. re: OliverB

      I had great brunch at L'ITHQ. They took reservations.

      1. re: SourberryLily

        I second the Lemeac idea, as they do take reservations. They can get a bit pricey for a brunch, though, so you might want to try something else if that's a concern. Byblos takes reservations for brunch last time I checked. It's an Iranian restaurant, so great if you want to try something different. For a large group at a place with more standard fare, Cote-Soleil takes reservations. One last option, Petit Marche on St. Denis and St. Joseph is good and it's huge. I've never bothered making a reservation because I've never had to wait long, even with a huge group.

    2. Holder?

      You might want to check out other recommendations in this blog:

      1. Maybe try Lawrence also in the neighborhood... dim sum is a good bet too but obviously no res.

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        1. re: OliverB

          I really love Lawrence, but I'd be worried about quite a long wait for 12 people. They definitely don't take reservations.

          1. re: leyb

            Lawrence takes reservations for groups. Call or text: 514.503.1070

            1. re: kpzoo

              oh nice! sorry about the mistake. i may have to take advantage of that this weekend too!

              1. re: leyb

                I can't remember the minimum you need to make a group reservation - it might be 5. They are quite responsive if you text your request. Good luck!

        2. Thanks everyone -- I'll check those places out.

          1. Took a group of 15 to Lemeac on a recent Sunday, and it worked out perfectly. We had lots of space, service was excellent, the menu offered lots of options (one can order off either the brunch menu or the regular lunch menu), and the food was very good.