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Jul 24, 2011 09:45 AM

Fine dining for college graduation (parents paying)

My stepson is graduating college in August and we would like to take him for a great dinner. We are willing to travel from Delray to Ft. Lauderdale and cost is not an issue. We do not want to go for steak or Japanese, but just about anything else would be great. Any suggestions? Tyvm!

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  1. You will have an excellent dining experience at Market 17. Very innoative food that is well executed and the atmosphere would be appropriate for your special occasion. Here's their web site for you to check the menu. I have not tried their unusal "dining in the dark" experience. Personally I think the presentation is a large part of the dining exprience and I'd rather see my food than have to feel around in the dark for it. I gave up foraging a long time ago. Enjoy.

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      I agree - Market 17 would be great. Fantastic wine list too.

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        By no means is this an accurate representation of their menu (they don't serve kangaroo regularly!) but this is a great write up of a private dinner that was held there recently and can be used to showcase the talents of the chef -