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Jul 24, 2011 09:00 AM

Benjamin Steakhouse-White Plains

We had an AMAZING meal last night at Benjamin Steakhouse. There is not one thing that I can complain about. Well, except for the man a table over that was blowing his nose in his dinner napkin (seriously that is so disgusting-go to the bathroom and spare the rest of us).

We sat at the bar and had a cocktail. I had a perfectly made french martini and my husband had a vodka tonic. There were homemade potato chips at the bar and we had a nice conversation with the bartender who was so personable. We paid for our 2 drinks ($30) and I asked to sit at a side table as I hate to be in the middle.

My husband and I shared 2 pieces of the bacon app and the 6 piece shrimp cocktail. I love the way they split whatever you are sharing tableside. We were going to order 3 pieces of bacon and the waiter let us know how big the pieces are so we are glad he let us know and we really could have shared 1 along with the 6 shrimp. Bacon was more like ham steak strips then bacon. The shrimp were huge and delicious. I hate water soggy shrimp with a passion and these were top notch.

Hubby ordered the porterhouse (was not on menu but we saw others getting it and asked) and he ordered the steak fries which were handcut and fresh. I had the filet which was HUGE and a baked potato. Our steaks were cooked perfected through and through and the filet really was the best filet I have ever had.

We skipped dessert. Bill for our dinner, 2 more cocktails, 2 ice teas was $175.xx

I can't wait to go back!

Have other people had the same experience?

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  1. I have not heard many positive things about this place at all.

    The NY Times gave it a pretty crummy review.

    Then the mother of one of my daughter's friends told me she had a nightmare experience with the service there.

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    1. re: PlasticMoonRain

      wow. We had the best experience. The service was amazing. When we go again I hope it;s the same!

    2. At those prices, sounds like BLT is a better deal... and $15 bucks for a cocktail is exorbitant.

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      1. re: menton1

        Forgot to add that we also have 2 apps. I thought it was worth every penny. I hope we have the same experience the next time that we go

        1. re: doberlady

          doberlady -- glad to hear every one of your pennies is being spent on two appetizers. And we know you hope your next experience will be the same.

          More importantly, we'd like to to hear from others who have been there and can register their views, whether they agree or not.

          1. re: PlasticMoonRain

            I had dinner there a few months ago and had a very good meal overall. We were a group of 6, including my husband and one of our friends who are die hard Peter Luger fans.

            I am not a huge steak eater and I liked the fact that there were other things to choose on the menu as opposed to Luger's menu which is very limited. We all very much enjoyed our food and the steak eaters all agreed that it was not quite Luger's, but close.

            And we experienced no problems with the service whatsoever. I have only been to BLT in White Plains once, and I would never go back. Salty, salty was dreadful. Benjamin was far better than BLT. Not even in the same league.

            1. re: valerie

              agreeing or disagreeing is not a problem for me LOL.

            2. re: PlasticMoonRain

              LOL, I read that as "more importantly, we'd like to hear from others who have not been there and can register their views" (since we seem to get a lot of that around here).

              I'm also interested in how it compares to Flames, a place I really enjoyed when I went there several years ago, but don't have any more recent experience.

              1. re: Elisa515

                I have been to Benjamins quite a few times, including Mothers Day, one of the hardest to shine in the rsaturant business and have always had excellent food and service. I do enjoy BLT, but I think this rates as more of a come for your meat and potatoes. BLT is much prettier and I enjoy their appetizers more.
                As for Flames, I think the food is also very good, I just was seated in the back room and felt like I was forgotten about. I didnt have a bad experience but the fact that I never think of going there says something. It didnt have the same vibe/action that Benjamins and BLT has. They are all pricey, but I beleieve in line with other steak restaurants in the area.

                1. re: apples

                  I am a steak lover, and I too had a terrific experience at Benjamin's. I've been there twice since February, once for a birthday dinner with a bunch of guys and another for a work dinner. Both times, the steaks were excellent, the sides were right on, service was a non-issue, and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal. I always have a fairly similar steakhouse meal wherever I go, starting with shrimp or crab cocktail and I had both of Benjamin's versions. The crab lumps were huge, and both were spot on. I next prefer a ribeye steak done medium in steakhouses, with a spot of Dijon mustard on the side (just a bit). The meat was very mineraly, enough salt without being too salty (like BLT tends to be), and succulent. Standard sides were creamed spinach and hash browns, but we also had sauteed mushrooms which I loved.

                  We drank and ate a lot at both dinners, and certainly paid for it. I loved both meals (by the way Peter Kelley was dining there one night with his family, which I found interesting). Cannot say if the price is worth it, but the price is certainly comparable to top steakhouses. I am not a Luger lover for a few reasons, but would put this meal just a touch below the best of the city. I have not been to Flames, but felt that the meal and atmosphere was superior to Willet House.

        2. Had to go see for myself about Benjamin, so arranged to go with another couple tonight.

          In summary -- it was fine.

          Nothing great, nothing bad. The place was about 1/3 full at 7:30 pm. The decor and setting are spacious but rather bland -- not much character.

          My Caesar salad was pretty good, for starters.

          I ordered a filet mignon, no butter, medium, and it came exactly as requested. Not a hell of a lot of flavor, even from charring, so the accompanying steak sauce pepped things up.

          Sides of creamed spinach - good... and combo cottage fries/onion rings were good. Again, nothing special, nothing, bad, just good.

          The service was quite good.

          High prices, sure.

          But the whole experience was really just middling -- satisfactory. Nothing outrageously extraordinary, none of the character or flavor of a Peter Luger, or even a Frankie & Johnny's in Rye.

          Did I think this was the steak meal where miraculous things happened and the food was so big, I thought it must have been on steroids? No way.

          Would it be my first choice of steak house in Westchester? Not unless I had to be there or we were meeting people who wanted to go. I could take it or leave it.

          So out of 10, I'd give it a 5, maybe a 6.

          Peter Luger
          255 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NY 11021

          Frankie & Johnny Cafe
          104 Clowes Ave, Goshen, NY 10924

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          1. re: PlasticMoonRain

            would have to agree; we ordered our steaks medium rare, they were almost rare. maybe our mistake in not asking, both the filet and the sirlon. My cocktail was not made with the requested Gin; no indication upon serving that the Gin requeted was out of stock.

          2. Was there for dinner tonight. Their quality is dropping over the past 12 months, from repeated visits. Worst part tonight was they blew off my daughter's birthday, even though I told them when making the rez, and at the restaurant too. Manager was cluelessly unhelpful. Won't be rushing back there, I can tell you that.

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            1. re: bdr

              I'm sorry that your daughters birthday was overlooked by the incompetent staff. Unfortunately however, I'm not surprised. I made a reservation a while back and stopped in a few days before our dinner to request a particular table. When I arrived there was no record of our reservation. There was no apology and I got the feeling that the hostess/maitre d, whoever these people were I was speaking to did not believe me. I was so pissed off I left with the intention of never going back. Apparently it was not an isolated incident.

              1. re: bdr

                We recently had an unmemorable meal there. It wasn't horrible, but it was terribly expensive for 2 glasses of wine and two o.k. ribeyes. Sides were the highlight, dessert was typical cheesecake fare, restaurant wasn't that busy either for a Saturday night.

                I'd rather spend a few hundred bucks, dinner for two somewhere in Manhattan....

                Why can't Westchester get it right?