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Jul 24, 2011 08:40 AM

What am I going to eat at Max's Wine Dive

So I've finally decided to try out Max's for my birthday next week, and cannot figure out what to order. If any has been there, can you offer any suggestions?

Max's Wine Dive
207 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78701

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  1. I like the fried egg sandwich, although I'm not sure if they still do it.

    Featured in this video:

    1. The burger, duh. It's been a couple of years, but it was once in the top burgers in Texas. *cough* brie *cough*

      1. the fried chicken is pretty tasty, mainly b/c (i'm in love with!) it comes with habanero honey on the side. crunchy, salty hot fried chicken and sweet and spicy good. Also, if you're at all into creamy fatty goodness, the truffled Max and cheese is DEElicious!! the drunken bread was ok, but not my favorite. and i've heard the fried egg sandwich is great, i intend on getting that next time.

        1. you definitely must get the calamari - its the best in town!