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Jul 24, 2011 08:14 AM

good value large quantity olive oil


Does anyone recommend a good place to get a good value on a large container of olive oil?

The Central Market house brand is great, but it doesn't come in a very large container.


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  1. This is an easy one for me. Jimmy's Food Store at Bryan and Fitzugh for the largest selection of Italian EVOO in 3 litre cans at much better prices than Central Market. Or, Costco for the absolute lowest prices for 3 litre cans of Kirkland (their own brand) EVOO and Philippo Berio. I think they carry Bertolli as well.

    The very best prices on 3 litre cans of pomace olive oil is at Jimmy's. Pomace olive oil is the type of olive oil used in most Italian restaurants because of it's low price and "neutral" flavor. It's like a third pressing of whatever is left after the "virgin' and subsequent pressings. Don't hold me to it but I think a 3 litre can is around $15.00. It's Great for cooking!

    I've also bought one litre bottles of (store brand) EVOO at Sunflower Market on Henderson for as low as $4.99 when on sale. It's usually $5-6.99 for a one litre bottle. It's quite good, too! Comparable with Wholefood's at $9.99.

    Jimmy's Food Store
    4901 Bryan St, Dallas, TX

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      Thanks for the notation of pomace oo at Jimmys.! I think I once knew there was such-a-thing but had forgotten. :)

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        I buy Kirkland's Organic 51 oz bottle at Costco for 9.99.

    2. You know, some of the larger Middle Eastern grocery stores in Dallas have excellent values on 3 litre cans of olive oil. The oils originate from Morocco and Lebanon, etc. But are very good. They tend to be a bit darker and stronger than the Spanish, Greek and Italian oils but, otherwise very good and, much more reasonably priced. It depends really on what style of olive oil you're looking for.

      1. Lots of the Indian stores also have good prices on EVOO. If you catch a sale you can often find first press for $13 for 3 liters. The little Persian store on Coit & Parker in Plano has a great many oils and normally had something for the $13 range. They also carry really good oils for a pretty decent price compared to other stores.

        1. Thanks so much for these great suggestions! Our kitchen will be a well-oiled place...

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            Of course you haven't even mentioned Grape Seed Oil :-)

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              I use grapeseed oil for all my high heat frying. Very healthy oil. Sadef (brand) one litre bottles at Jimmy's for $7.99. Probably less at the Indian/Middle Eastern grocery stores. EVOO for everything else.

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