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Jul 24, 2011 08:14 AM

Dolce Gusto demos & capsules in Calgary?

I was also hoping to find a place that demos the machine i.e. where you can taste the coffee. Any ideas where I can go?
I was wondering if somebody know a place with a bigger selection of the DG capsules. I checked several supermarkets but the only capsules I can find are Americano, Cappuchino, Latte M and Chococino.
I recently bought the Tassimo but I am going to return it because the only coffee I like is the Starbucks one. Starbucks and Seattle's Best are no longer producing the disks though. I didn't like Nabob and Maxwell as well as Twinings Chai Latte at all.

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  1. sorry I wrote something, but you aren't talking about the machine they sell at the bay only.

    1. I'm not sure if it's Dolce Gusto but Williams Sonoma in Chinook has something like that.

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      1. re: cellophane_star

        I totally forgot about W&S. Great idea! Thanks so much

      2. Last I checked Williams Sonoma carried Nespresso pod machines not the Dolce Gusto. I've seen the Dolce Gusto at Superstore recently.

        1. They have most of the flavours at Home Outfitters. But make sure you check the expiry date, since I've seen many that were expired already!

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          1. re: Steph_

            Great thanks! I ordered the machine at Costco (best price) and hopefully will receive it next week. London Drugs has a sale going but not all flavours. I will check Home Outfitter.
            I will keep an eye on the expiry date! Thanks for mentioning that!

            1. re: josey124

              No problem. Hope you get the machine soon. It's great!. There are different flavours in the States so I'm gonna stock up next time I'm there.

              1. re: Steph_

                I plan on doing the same in Europe later this year. They have lots more.