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Jul 24, 2011 07:28 AM

King Solomons in Toronto, Ontario

Can you please give your feedback on this restaurant in Toronto as we are going there next month
or if you know of any other ones we can try


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  1. If you enjoy an all you can eat buffet, King Solomon is the place to be in Toronto.
    However the selection is small compared to some buffets in New York.

    If most of your party are not large eaters, then the standard menu would be better than the buffet.
    I have never left hungry and enjoy evrything they offer.

    This is a very large restaurant, and is the most popular place for sheva brachas and other large simchas.

    The list of really good restaurants in Toronto is amazing, and you should base your selection on whether you are with a family, and if so how old the children are.

    If you also like dairy there are some amazing choices.

    1. Definitely check out for a large list. I'm sure people here will chime in, but Shamash will have addresses, some reviews, info on price categories, etc.

      As for Solomon's, we ate there once about 10 years ago. I was unimpressed. At that time, it was an "old school" Chinese buffet: dishes that were heavy, somewhat greasy, etc. Things might have changed, and this could be exactly what you're looking for, but I myself would not rush back.

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          Not that it really matters, but it comes up fine when I type in Try it yourself.

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            you are right - I first learned of shamash as either way and excellent resource

      1. Just got back from visiting family and friends. Many places have closed in the past two years. No real fine dining anymore compared to NYC and LA. Too bad that a community that size cannot seem to keep at least one open, but plenty of casual restaurant choices.

        My picks:
        Miami Grill - meat and fish
        Joe Boo's Cookoos - grill
        Bistro Grande (dairy)
        Dairy Treats
        Umami Sushi
        Tov Li Pizza and Falafel
        Oasis Cafe (the only one downtown besides the hospital cafeteria at Mt. Sinai, and hot dog stand at Rogers Stadium)
        Hartman's market just opened a small eating area. Supposed to be very good, but I did not eat there.

        1. Ah, Yes! King Solomon's Table. Or as I prefer to call it: King Solomon Stable.
          Way over-priced. Probably the only buffet in the world that offers you a salad plate rather than a dinner plate to fill from a very mediocre buffet that has a selection of about twelve items.
          Nothing to write home about.