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Jul 24, 2011 07:07 AM

Heathsville/Northern Neck of VA

(I'm not sure if this is the right board... but)
We're going to Heathsville/Reedsville for vacation and will be celebrating our 5th anniversary while we're there. Are there any restaurants nearby? I know the area is a bit isolated. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. i actually live in the fleeton/reedville area. sadly, most everything is a hike around here. however, there is a great little seafood deli and lunch spot off of fleeton road, in the reedville area, where a lot of the seafood is brought in right off the boat. ifs a seafood dive with fried rockfish sandwiches, etc. i find the fried sugartoads to be a treat whenthey have them. they have a view of carter's creek and picnic tables ourside. nice.
    the ice cream place sells gelati celesti from richmond which is really amazing gelato. esp the pralines and cream flavour.
    im actually the chef at one of the 2 restaurants in reedville that had been primarily a fried seafood place, for about a decade. however, both of the owners' sons fish the bay and we get in some awesome fresh sugar toads, soft crabs and some fish like mahi from virginia beach. i dont know, i do some pretty awesome food there that is really fresh and local. which can be hard to find around here.
    there is newsome's in burgess, which is between heathsville and reedville and you can get things like softcrab sandwiches and homemade pie there, theyre usually only open for lunch. the owner, betty sells eggs from her chickens and her homemade jams and preserves there. there is also a little veg stand next to the restaurant that sells mostly local veg/eggs/preserves, as well.
    the heathsville farmers market is the third saturday of every month but theres really not much there, sadly.

    farther out, about 20 or 30 minutes away in kilmarnock and irvington there is the trick dog cafe ( htpp:// ,irvington), which can be quite delicious. (i recently had the pork belly and the chicken dish and enjoyed both) some good breakfast at the carwash cafe (kilmarnock), which is a breakfast and lunch spot inside what used to be a shell station. there is decent (not totally amazing) bbq at smokin joe's. there is a meat and three, old style, from the 50's (or late 40's?- cant rememver) called lee's in kilmarnock which is no frills southern food- fried chicken, roast beef, etc which can tend to be underseasoned. but its fun and old homemade, southern food culture.