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Jul 24, 2011 06:31 AM

BEST off strip restaurants- What are your FAVS??

We all know that Rosemarys is now closed. I don't care what kind of food, just what are the best in Vegas now.

The two I know of are:

Lotus of Siam

Where else should we consider going on our trip??

Lotus of Siam
953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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  1. A second for both Lotus and Todd's. And in terms of "destination dining", we would add Raku (Japanese, many reviews on these boards) and Mundo (upscale Mexican, and relatively new on the scene). There are a variety of places that bring good ethnic food at reasonable price points, but not necessarily much ambience, if you want to make that category a part of your visit.

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      Todd's Unique is our "go to" restaurant. Wonderful food at reasonable prices.

      Other options not mentioned: Marche Bacchus - offers great outdoor dining and a fabulous wine list (anything from their wine store plus $10/corkage). Sabor, in Henderson (roughly Stephanie and Sunset - just south of Sunset) is similar to Mundo but at a lower price point. Vintner Grill is also a local favorite.

      Vintner Grill
      10100 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89135

      Marche Bacchus
      2620 Regatta Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89128

      1. re: Philber

        Perhaps it was just an off night, but I don't think so...too many things were wrong. Based upon the recommendations on this board, I went to Todd's last evening and had perhaps the worst meal I've ever had in Las Vegas...and, I was told that Todd was in the kitchen. First of all, the bread was totally dried out...with the surface feel of melba toast. My calamari/shrimp appetizer was ok...not bad, but certainly nothing special. My entree was a disaster!! I ordered the steelhead salmon that was highly recommended by my very nice server. The fish was ok, but somewhat overdone; the accompaniments were truly shockingly bad. The stir fried vegetables were obviously not cooked to order, but we're cold, limp, seriously overcooked and though they had been cooked the day before, or sitting in a chafing dish for hours. The fried rice was equally awful...not nearly as good as the frozen that I occasionally buy at TJ's. Because the bread and entree were so bad, I asked the server to show them to the chef and ask him his thoughts. I heard nothing back. They did take the entree off my bill, but when I asked what the chef had said about the returned items, I was told that he "was busy".

        Perhaps Todd's was terrific at one time, but it was truly awful last night. It was a long ride from my central strip hotel, and certainly not worth it. I had been hoping for a good replacement for what was previously my favorite off strip restaurant Rosemary's, but alas Todd's is not even remotely in the same league. Todd's even looks old and worn out, but this would be easily overlooked had the food been good. It wasn't!

    2. Grimaldi's
      Lindo Michoacan

        1. re: linguafood

          Like a few have mentioned, LOS is a great spot, just off the strip. I also had a chance to check out Todd's with a couple friends and everything we had was great. From Appetizers to desserts. I will definitely be back.

          Not sure what kind of cuisine or ambiance you're looking for, but one of my must go to spots on every trip to Vegas is Hot and Juicy Crawfish. It's no frills, nothing fancy, but it's damn good.

          Hot and Juicy Crawfish
          Las Vegas, NV, Las Vegas, NV

          1. re: Bran808

            I second Hot and Juicy. Nothing like it where I'm from in Toronto. A must spot on our Vegas visits

            1. re: zzragtop

              I third it. Pound of shrimp served with lemon pepper sauce - medium hot. Nothing better.

              1. re: zzragtop

                What is the price of the crawfish? How many crawfish do you need to order and how much are the other menu items like shrimp? Is this a "cheaper" meal in Vegas?

                1. re: Food Tourist

                  You order by the pound, and the price is approximately $10 a pound. Be sure and ask if the crawfish are fresh or frozen -- definitely not worth ordering when they are frozen. When they are frozen, better to go with the shrimp or the sausage as proteins.

                  1. re: Dave Feldman

                    Thanks Dave, for the helpful info. Is there a crawfish "season"?

                    1. re: Food Tourist

                      I'm used to eating fresh crawfish in New Orleans, and there they seem to start getting them in around January and but peak in March and April and then fade away earlyish in the summer. But it seems to me when I started going to New Orleans, the season was much shorter.

                      But crawfish is eaten all over the world. Last weekend, I saw crawfish in the freezer case of Kalustyan's (in NYC), with Indian foods on either side. I know in Northern Europe, it's primarily a summer treat.

                      I was a little surprised to see an indication that H&J has fresh crawfish. It's possible that either the site hasn't been updated or the crawfish is from far afield.

          2. Not fancy but Harbor palace and Sam Wu in Chinatown are great deals for the money in my opinion

            1. I've had several excellent meals at Mundo.