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Jul 24, 2011 06:02 AM

Mexican Homemade Mecca (Charlotte)

Lupita Tortilleria y Carniceria--5210 N. Tryon St

Charlotte, NC28213

Stomach distended, pork fat dripping from the corner of my mouth, the smell of homemade tortillas wafting through the air, my mind is at peace. I have had this food before. I have felt this warm embrace in the homes of friends cooking a true Mexican meal. If you are in search of truth as I am, go find it at Lupita's! I bought some carnitas, homemade tortillas, morcilla, a type of terrine made from slice it off chop it up and put in anything to create magic (it was amazing inomeletmlet). Did I mention they give samples? The owner handed us some chicharrĂ³n, a guilty pleasure to be sure. These are the foundations of tradition which I feel will be lost if I dont support them and Lupita's is worth supporting.

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  1. Would you provide a location? This board covers a big area. Thanks!

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      Thanks for letting me know ...I thought I filled out the name of the restaurant in the box I checked saying -This is a review of a specific restaurant. Do I still need to mention the name in the review? Thanks again! Jason

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        No. It's just nice to know the location. Several states are covered on this board.

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          Thank you for updating your post and now I'm even happier because it's in Charlotte and I'll get a chance to check it out!

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            Just a note...its kind of hard to find. Its a small store in a shady strip mall and if you want to try their homemade salsa bring cash (the only thing you need cash for)...I think its 2$ for a sizable cup.

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              The easy way to spot it: It's on North Tryon right next to where Eastway comes in, and it's next to a car supply shop (either a Pep Boys or an Auto Zone, can't ever remember which, but it helps me know when to slow down for the turn).

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        1. You forgot to mention that they are very inexpensive. They also have a Facebook page.

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            Yes I did forget to mention how inexpensive hey are. I guess my mind was still fixated on how great the food was but your was a shock that everything was such a great price...I think I got 15 homemade tortillas for a dollar! They also have a large variety of canned and bottled drinks...some exotic.

          2. This post is exactly why we need to get a larger and more active group of Chowhound participants in Charlotte - there have to be more gems like this!


              This is an earlier thread of Lupita's. I agree it's well worth the trip. My husband works uptown and once a month at least I'm begged to drive up there and bring back lunch for his co-workers. I also pick it up when it's my turn to host my book club etc. Goes down well and makes my life very easy!

              They now have 3 salsa's - the regular red and green, and a chipotle. I favor the green, my husband the red. They used to give me pieces of lime when I was buying everything but that hasn't happened lately.

              The tortillas are fantastic. I love to watch them come steaming off the press. I also pick up chorizo and cheese while I'm there