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Jul 24, 2011 06:01 AM

Food gift ideas - US to NZ

I have a friend in Auckland and wanted to send a package to him and his family. I sent one last year, containing goldfish crackers and sour Skittles. I'm wondering what other American items would be good to send, that are not widely available in NZ? I don't want to ask him directly as it is a surprise. They're not foodies really and have two kids, so kid-friendly things would be good. I'm using to see what you have over there, but it's a lot of products to go through..

I was thinking of sending:
More Goldfish crackers
Taco Bell hot sauce packets
Instant grits

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  1. Make sure nothing you send has fruit, nuts, seeds, or plant items, or it can be confiscated by customs. Not sure if the grits would pass the test. Might depend on how they are packaged. Pretty much, any processed food is OK. You can check guidelines here:

    As an American living in Australia, I miss mexican food items, so hot sauces of all kinds are a treat. It's hard to find reese's peanut butter cups in this part of the world. Maple syrup is really expensive and hard to get, so that would be nice. Or maybe maple sugar candies. Marshmallows are not the same. That bright yellow French's mustard is not available.

    You don't mention whether your friends are native Kiwis or Americans living in NZ, but in my experience, kids will love getting an assortment of candy and snacks from another country. When I lived in the UK, I used to send home all those crazy flavours of crisps, and the family loved it. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of american products-- Pringles, Oreos, Old El Paso -- are readily available down under.

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        Thanks Kersizm. I may just have to order a bottle of Valentina hot sauce right now!

        I don't miss most things so much that I feel the need to find an Aussie source. (Though i don't mind when visitors bring them in their luggage.) Part of the fun is finding new things to enjoy. Like for example, Whitaker's Peanut Slab (from NZ) is possibly the best candy bar ever!

      2. re: gemuse

        Thanks, I'll make sure to check to the items against the guidelines.

        They are native Kiwis, never been to America. I know that peanut butter candy is scarce there, but I never knew about the marshmallows. Do you think Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows would be good to send?

        Yeah, I've been browsing the Foodtown website and see a lot of American brands. So I want to send things that are unique or things they don't have.