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Jul 24, 2011 04:43 AM

Oysters and dining in PEI

I'll be travelling to PEI again this summer for 5 days :)

I've been to PEI many times and I make Carr's a regular stop but I think they only have malpeques. Are there any other places with good fresh oysters and a larger variety? Upscale or casual will do. Are there any places that I may have visited but overlooked as good oyster choices - Merchantman, Gahan House, The Dunes,etc.?

I also plan to attend the Tyne Valley oyster festival for one day and would appreciate any advice on which events or day to target.

On this trip, I also want to explore dining options in Victoria by the Sea and would welcome recommendations for any type of food, not just oysters. For lobster suppers, I've only ever been to New Glasgow because it's so good but are there other destinations I should consider trying?

And I've come across the Fisheries dept. doing seafood demos in the past but I can't find any current information on the location of these demos this year. Can anyone help provide a schedule or link?

Suggestions and advice much appreciated!

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  1. Hey tuttebene

    I'm the owner of Ship to Shore, in Darnley, right beside Malpeque Bay. Typically, you won't find a big "variety" of oysters at restos in PEI, but you will find that each resto has their favourite grower/packer, so you can sample around the Island. We primarily use oysters from across the street, grown by John MacDonald, and not available anywhere else. This doesn't make them better necessarily, though I think they're pretty awesome.

    Tyne Valley is most fun on the Friday night. All-you-can-eat oysters and clams for about 10 bucks, and the national oyster shucking championships to boot.

    If you want to learn about seafood, come by Darnley, or head to the Shellfish Museum in Ellerslie...

    John Bil

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      Hey John,
      Thanks for your suggestions. Will make an effort to visit Darnley for some oysters and a tutorial. :)