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Jul 23, 2011 09:29 PM

Chinese wedding banquet WITH dancing?

Hi Everyone..I really want to do a Chinese wedding banquet or have Chinese cuisine at my wedding but I also have my heart set on dancing/fun! I've never really seen this done successfully. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any venues in the SF Bay Area that accommodate this? I also wonder if Chinese restaurants usually close at their normal closing time (10-11PM?) even if there is a wedding going on?

thanks so much

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  1. Empress of China has a dance floor (as well as a stage and runway) in their Grand Ballroom, which seats 650. New Asia holds dinner dances, so presumably they have a dance floor as well. Both are in San Francisco Chinatown.

    Empress of China
    838 Grant Ave Ste 5, San Francisco, CA 94108

    New Asia
    772 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

    1. I know that Zen Peninsula and Yank Sing will both accomodate a dancing area (although with Zen Peninsula, you have to be willing to go with fewer tables).

      Zen Peninsula
      1180 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030

      Yank Sing
      49 Stevenson St Ste Stlv, San Francisco, CA 94105

      1. Most Chinese restaurants that do a large volume of wedding banquets do accommodate dancing. I've never seen a restaurant turn out the lights on a banquet either, but given that typical starting time is 6pm, 7 pm at the latest, how long do you expect your guests to stay?

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          Every things negotiable, you just pay more to stay longer.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Thanks guys! I will look into those. I'm thinking probably 12ish? I've been to some American style weddings that last until 1 or 2 but I think that will be a bit overkill.

            Also, looking into possibly just getting some Chinese catering and doing more of a party. I read on this board that Zen does some catering. Does anyone know if it is much more expensive than the table prices? The tables seem pretty reasonable price.

              1. re: chaseshadows

                OOH thanks! I am totally blind! :) After scouring yelp, apparently they also have a $270 fee per table for catering and a $50 corkage fee. darn. xp

                1. re: flyingvoodoopig

                  That sucks. Do keep us posted, I'm interested to see what you find/end up doing...for future reference. :)

        2. The original comment has been removed