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Jul 23, 2011 09:07 PM

Farm 2 Bistro Rockaway Closed :(

It looks like the Rockaway location of Farm 2 Bistro is now closed. We called to make reservations tonight and were informed that Farm 2 Bistro "no longer exists." Later on, we drove by and sure enough there is a "for rent" sign in the window and from peering in the window it looks like the restaurant is being dismantled.

The website says now says "Rockaway location closed for renovations" but it seems like that is not true. The Nutley location has been closed for months and months due to some kind of "foundation problem" but it really makes you wonder if the whole operation is folding up. Especially strange since the restaurant was featured in a July 21 article in the daily record and 3 days later it's completely closed, without any mention of that in the article!

What a shame. I had some really great meals there. The portions were small, and a tad overpriced, and service from the young college student-ish waiters and waitresses was spotty, at best, but the quality of the food was outstanding and the owner/chef was always so great to talk with. I hope they get their problems worked out and open another location or something, it's a great concept.

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  1. Dang! We were just there on July 8th, and had yet another great meal. One of our neighbors just asked me on Sunday if the restaurant was closed - I guess it is true. The last time we were there, we had seafood tacos for an appetizer, and they were just heavenly.

    I guess we'll look for someplace new...

    1. Never ate there but just saw this morning on Table Hopping with Rosie on that Farm 2 Bistro is closed and the chef is pursuing other things, including his catering business.