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Jul 23, 2011 08:30 PM

Breakfast in S.B. at Rivers End Cafe

Enjoyed breakfast at this beachside cafe yesterday. First time there. Will definitely go back again for their tasty crabcake Benedict with Habanero sauce. The eggs were cooked just to my liking - slightly oozy but not runny, and the Habanero sauce was mildly hot (for me, which is probably mild for most folks). The friendly waitress said I was in for "a little bit of heaven" and I'd definitely agree - really yummy. She mentioned that it is seldom ordered, probably because it is one of the higher-priced breakfast dishes, because of the real crab cakes. But they were very tasty and worth it (IMHO). Online menu does not list them.

Pluses: relaxing environment, friendly service, sea views. Indoor seating available also.Parking available right at the cafe.

Downsides: There is a parking fee but we parked up on the street above and walked in easily. There's a handy public restroom right alongside the cafe, but it is a barebones beachside version and that means wet sandy floors and no privacy.

Rivers End
15 1st St, Seal Beach, CA 90740

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