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Jul 23, 2011 08:14 PM

Recap from our Vancouver/Victoria Trip

Here are some of the places we ate:

Coast-great service, pacing of course was just right, food excellent. We sat upstairs at a table that overlooked the first level. Noise level may be a little loud for some but we weren't bothered by it. Nice vibe. We would return

Cioppino's-We went on a Friday evening for a 8pm dinner and there were open tables so why did our meal end by 9:15? We had a nice bottle of wine and the food was good. I don't think it was worth the money. The atmosphere didn't seem very welcoming. Would not return

The noodle box for lunch-simple, casual, and tasty.

Sooke Harbour House-What can I say, beautiful location, great table, service and food impeccable. Ironically bill was less than Cioppino's. Definitely would return.

Red Fish Blue Fish-delicious fish and chips. Would return.

The Stick. Coffee House (Sooke)-good coffee and lunch items. Funky atmosphere and people. Would return.

Brasserie L'ecole-went on Saturday night, just walked in, didn't have to wait. Good food, service and atmosphere. Would return, in fact considered going a second night but instead.......

based on reviews from Trip Adviser my DH wanted to try Pescatores. It was horrible; dirty bathrooms and menus. Food terrible, service very inconsistent and it wasn't cheap. I implore you to go to Mc Donald's for a fish filet sandwich before I would say to venture to this place.

I told my DH that I prefer to only rely on chowhound recs in the future.


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  1. Thanks for reporting on your trip, pioneer. Sorry to hear about your two duds. Cioppino's is really expensive but can be stellar and therefore seem worthwhile. It can also not be. You clearly hit a not night. And appreciate the warning about Pescatore's. I'd never heard of it and will immediately forget I did :-).

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      Pescatore's is one of those real tourist traps right across from the Empress Hotel, within spitting distance of the inner harbour. There are so many places right in the heart of the tourist strip in Victoria that serve overpriced, underwhelming fare. I guess that formula works for them from a sheer profit standpoint.

      The saving grace at Pescatore's is that the oysters are pretty good. Not cheap, but they have a nice selection and a good selection of accompanying condiments and the oysters always seem plenty fresh.

      1. re: anewton

        My husband had oysters, they were okay except one was bad.

        1. re: anewton


          What was the name of the restaurant which preceded Pescatore's in what I think was the same location?

          This was at least 15, probably closer to 20 years ago. It had a number of murals within the restaurant.

          Was it "Chauney's"? ... or something to that effect? My in-laws were living up the street beside the Cherry Bank Hotel and we ended up there for lunch.

          It stands out because it was the first time I had eaten smoked Alaskan Black Cod poached in milk....yes, it was that long ago, that is what it was called rather than "sable fish"

          It came back to me because when I went to Pescatore's web-site I saw they were featuring east coast lobster which is what my M-I-L and wife had that same lunch.

      2. Nice to hear that you enjoyed Sooke Harbour House - beautiful location too!

        Harbour House Restaurant
        607 Oswego St, Victoria, BC V8V4W9, CA

        1. That's a shame about Pescatore's. I haven't been in a long time but the two times that I did go were good. One was an anniversary dinner and the other was brunch for my partner's birthday.

          Since you liked Noodle Box, you should check out Foo (on Yates at Blanshard) next time your in Victoria - they do asian street food, so there's a bit more variety since it's not just noodle dishes. The octopus salad is my absolute favourite!

          There's also Tibetan Kitchen (on Broughton at Douglas) which is absolutely delish.

          Cafe Brio is lovely too - contemporary West Coast fine dining at its best :)

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