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Jul 23, 2011 07:06 PM

Tomato Farmer formerly at Farmer's Market

In past years at University Farmers Mkt there was a vendor who was just as you came in from 50th & Brooklyn who sold seconds on Tomatoes and Peaches plus the best cherry tomatoes I have ever had.

When they weren't there this AM, I asked at the Neighborhood FM stand and was told that they had not registered for any of the Farmer's Mkts this year. They coudn't think of their name.

Does anyone know the name of the farm and where they are located? I want to see if there is anywhere in Seattle to get their cherry tomatoes.


Mary in U District

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  1. Billy's? From Tonasket? I was wondering myself what happened to him.

    1. Check this out. He's still at other farmer's markets in Seattle, but not at the U District.

      1. Was it Kittitas Valley Greenhouse? They sold at Phinney too. I haven't looked this year but I will be sad if they aren't there--the seconds were all I bought. Their website says Broadway and Carnation markets only this year. Since the U District market is run by a different group than Ballard and others, the U District person can't know if they aren't doing ANY city markets--maybe that is them at Broadway.

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          I believe I have been buying from Kittitas since early June at the Columbia City Farmers Market. They have a few varieties at $4/lb, and more interesting ones at $5.25 (?) plus a small bin of seconds for $2 or $3/lb. Still early, but they have had an impressive variety and high quality. They did have a small sampling of cherry tomates but I'm not sure I saw them last week. They had 'black' somethings for a few weeks along with the usual suspects.

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            Kittitas has been my favorite for years. I saw them recently at the Lake City farmers' market (Thursdays) and Columbia City (forgot what day).

            Slices of brandywine tomatoes with fresh basil, mozz cheese (fresh, and even better if bufala), olive oil. Mmmmm.

            Their various cherry toms are great, too.

        2. I know who you mean---its not Billys nor Kittitas Valley Greenhouse--both are at their usual places .

          I think it was Snoqualiamie something. Anyrate, I regret to inform you that he retired last year. I miss him too. My tomatos thus far have not been nearly as good.

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          1. re: jenn

            Billy is NOT at University District Farmers Market anymore.