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Jul 23, 2011 06:47 PM

Next Le Creuset purchase

Should I buy a 2nd shallow wide 6 3/4 French oven in Dijon which was my original dream but had to settle for cobalt or purchase the deep saute pan which I don't have at all? I'm trying to purchase at outlet or good Amazon sale - which is why I ended up with the cobalt French oven not the Dijon I had really wanted.

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  1. My $.02: Get what you really want and sell the rest on eBay or give as gifts to someone deserving.
    You can also find many Dijon pieces at good prices from reputable sellers on eBay.

    I have the larger 28cm sauté pan, btw, though I don't generally sauté in it. I usually use it more like a chicken fryer. The 24cm sauté has a base of 18cm and the 28cm sauté has a base of 22cm.

    The 30cm 6 3/4qt shallow wide you are considering has a base of 24cm. So you can effectively cook more food in it than in either of the sauté pans, as long as you have a burner that's around 8 inches to heat it well. But maybe you're only cooking for one or two?

    So perhaps just the shallow/wide pan would serve all your purposes? Depends on your sauté technique, I suppose. Also the sauté pans do have the black satin interior and only the Matte Black shallow/wide will have the black interior.

    1. Do you have any other pieces? If not, the 5.5 round is a very useful size. You can get that in Dijon and it's a nice complement to the 6.75 low wide pot. I think the 3.5 qt. or 5. qt. buffet casserole is a more useful piece than the deep saute, especially since you already have the 6.75 qt. low wide. Have a rainbow of colors as your collection grows. You will need a blue piece so keep the Cobalt and have your Dijon color elsewhere!

      1. I don't have a particular recommendation as to which piece you should buy next, beyond the thought that I wouldn't want two of the exact same piece, just in different colors. As for colors, I think Cobalt and Dijon will look nice together; as a third, you could add Caribbean.

        1. I would buy the one you don't already have. As for color, it's a lot of fun to have different colors. That is one of the things I love about Le Cruset is all of the fun colors--a bit like Fiestaware in that regard.

          1. Regarding the original question I would say go for the one you don't have. As far as colours go, personally, every piece of LC or Staub that I have bought has been in a different colour. Each colour has its own unique beauty I think.