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Jul 23, 2011 05:22 PM

kaffir lime leaves

Does anyone know where to get Kaffir Lime leaves in the peninsula or south bay?


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  1. Chilidog, I get them at the asian grocery store on Castro in downtown Mountain View; they're refrigerated toward the back door of the store. Sorry, I can't remember the cost, but I thought it was a steal.

    1. Berkeley Bowl in (of course!) Berkeley sells them in their produce dept. as well as lots of other fresh, unusual things you can't find easily.

      Berkeley Bowl
      2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

      1. The Sigona's in RWC has them.... Not sure about the Palo Alto location.

        If anyone see actual Kaffir limes, let me know..

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          1. re: wolfe

            I saw them at Berkeley Bowl on Thursday last.

            Berkeley Bowl
            2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

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            Thanks for all the replies!
            I actually found some on the peninsula at the CSM (College of San Mateo) Farmer's Market. It was $3 for 4 limes and a ton of kaffir lime leaves.

          3. Come to my backyard between San Juan Bautista and Watsonville and I'll give you a bag!

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              RL is probably dressing for dinner now so I will give the brown moth warning.

            2. Trees are available at Orchard Nursery in Lafayette and, at least sometimes, at Berkeley Hort. They're one of the more tender citrus, problematic even in Berkeley. The limes themselves are pretty much just limes.

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                Beg to differ, oldunc. The lime zest is pungent with the flavor of the leaf. Also, my tree does beautifully in a pot on the patio in a corner so it has cold and wind protection. Once a year some of the leaves shed, but otherwise it's ready to offer its bounty. This is the Monterey Bay Area with fairly mild weather.

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                  I have always grown them - for over 20 years-with no problems as long as they get the iron all acid- loving citrus seem to require and are not exposed to extreme cold. Once a year they give the added gift of their fruit which has a lovely, richly flavored zest- nothing like ordinary limes.
                  They are not particularly subject to pests or diseases, either, in my experience.
                  This is a plant I use in soups and curries often and will never be without.
                  I am in the Delta about an hour east of SF.