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Jul 23, 2011 05:18 PM

Wedding reception at BX Zoo or Botanical Gardens

Has anyone ever held their reception at the Bronx Zoo or the NY Botanical Gardens?
I did a walk through of the zoo and really liked it but when we saw the menu we were concerned about the food being a bit too basic and typical. The cost was great though.

I haven't seen the Botanical Gardens yet but I know Abigail Kirsch caters there and I've only read good things about her food. Any ideas on the cost at the Gardens?

Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. the botanical gardens is a lovely place for a wedding, never attended one there, but have seen many set up there--the zoo is quite smelly in lots of different areas--and the grounds don't compare to the far as price, it's supposed to be pretty up there,,,I think there's quite a bit of info on their website, look there and just call them.

    1. I've been to a wedding at the Botanical Garden and everything was great. It did get hot sitting in the sun in a tuxedo for the ceremony, but otherwise we enjoyed the rest of the night - food included.