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Jul 23, 2011 05:11 PM

Help with a Mexican beer recipe with fruit

Hello, I use to work in a kitchen with Mexican cooks, and one day they made a beer cocktail in a large bucket filled with beer, ice, and fruit. I don't know what it was and i asked them what it was. I don't speak Spanish but I thought they said "Mas Cerveza" which I thought meant "More Beer" which made sense since it would stretch out the supply of beer.

A year later I googled it and came up with nothing. I see Michelada, but it seems more savory than anything.

If anyone knows what I am talking about can you send me a link or recipe please?

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  1. That's a new one on me, and I'm no stranger to Mexican low-brow at street level. I think your cooks did an improv that worked.