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Jul 23, 2011 05:09 PM

Jerk Chicken Sausage

Make an impulse buy at Eastern Market this morning. The most wonderful Jerk Chicken Sausage. I'm not a big sausage gal...but the flavor was so good and those free samples get me every time! It's not an overpowering jerk flavor. Wondering how to prepare them? They seem too good to throw on a bun. I have 4 links, hot dog sized. What should I do with them?

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  1. If I could order two of those sausages along with two doubles, I'd be set. I'd make some chana on the side if I were you, and maybe some bara or rice too. Just grill those sausages up. If you want to get all fusion like, then get crazy and make a polenta to accompany your sausage.

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      That's funny...I was thinking polenta. I have never had chana...another interesting idea. I was thinking of making a kebob of some sorts with them...

    2. Your sausages sound scrumptious tdmort! We have a local butcher that makes a jerk pork version from time to time so based on our experience w those, here are a couple of ideas:

      Served with or in Rice & Peas - We love to serve our jerk chicken w rice & peas and the sausages pair exceptionally well w this dish. You can grill or cook them in advance and serve them alongside or, slice them and mix them in for more of a "Jamaican Jambalaya". I've added shrimp to this dish as well though it's great either way. Here's a good recipe for a Jamaican-style Rice & Peas: in case you don't have one.

      Jerk Chicken Sausage Rolls: Not low fat but these are such an unexpected treat. I serve these w Mango Chutney alongside. These are a riff on the traditional Jamaican patties and everybody we've fed them to loves them.

      Jerk Chicken Sausage Penne Pasta: Inspired by all the wonderful flavours we love from Jamaica I made this dish for a dinner party and it was a hit. I used kitchen shears to cut the sausage into 1" pieces that were like little meatballs. I cooked these along w some chopped green bell pepper, garlic, onion and scotch bonnet pepper in a little olive oil Once the meat cooked though and the veggies are almost tender, stir in some allspice, and some dried thyme (more traditional than the fresh). Add a can of coconut milk to heat through before adding your cooked pasta. Penne works well. I garnished w chopped green onions.

      Edited to add: I forget to mention "Jerk Chicken Sausage Tacos" - I took the meat out of its casings and broke down while cooking along w some green pepper. I added some red kidney beans to the meat and heated through then served the meat in taco shells topped w chopped pineapple, green onions, mango chutney and w some coconut-lime yogurt (greek yogurt thinned out w some coconut milk and some lime juice)

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        Wow Breadcrumbs....thanks soooo much! They all sound amazing...I can see I'm going to have to head downtown next weekend just to get another package so I can try all of your amazing suggestions. I am thinking that DH and I would like the pasta the best, because, well, who doesn't love pasta! Can you tell me more about the jerk chicken sausage rolls? Thanks!

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          So glad something here appeals tdmort! For the sausage rolls, I've done them 2 different ways. The simplest version is actually my favourite because it has an element of the expected and, the unexpected. I use pre-made puff pastry to make life easier. I don't know if you're able to get Jamaican Pickapeppa sauce but if so, use that in place of the Dijon in this recipe and you can leave out the parsley (and of course you are using your sausages vs the Italian):

          The other version I've made uses the traditional Jamaican patty turmeric dough however I found that because it's a heavier crust, it makes these rather filling/heavy.

          Edited to add: The pasta is mr bc's favourite as well. He's not typically a fan of coconut milk but he loved the flavours of this dish. It really is yummy.