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Jul 23, 2011 04:47 PM

Cafe Alfresco, a great lunch spot and breakfast pastries in Brewster, Cape Cod

I have to give kudos to Brewster's Cafe Alfresco, it's a very appealing casual lunch spot. Located beside the Cook Shop near Lemon Tree Village, it's open at 8:30am serving coffees and various frozen drinks as well as tea. They have some really nice bakery items including doughnuts, scones, sweet rolls of various kinds, and a number of later-in-the-day baked sweets. The chocolate mount with a chocolate base topped with light chocolate creme and hazelnuts was a big hit for the sweet tooth crowd.

But we ate lunch there several times over the past week. Oyster roll, fish wrap, fish and chips, crabcake sandwich, and especially the swordfish panini with tapenade were all excellent, and very fairly priced, none exceeded $10. There are a few seats inside, and a nice shaded deck to enjoy a summer Cape Cod day. Nice variety, great value, pleasant surroundings, it should be on the radar as a regular summer stop in Brewster.

Cafe Alfresco
103 Lemon Tree Village Sq, Brewster, MA 02631

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up Dan. Do they serve beer/wine or does it seem to be a BYOB place?

    Also, did you happen to notice if The Starvin Marlin (new place on Rt. 6A) was open for business yet? I don't know exactly where it is; just that its in Brewster and is supposed to open soon.

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      My friend went to's near Underpass I suspect in the spot of that old bar. She liked it very much. Al Fresco does not serve alcohol. It's more of a coffee lunch spot.

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        Yes, the Starvin Marlin is open, it is the location that was formerly the Northside Restaurant and bar. I haven't been in, just past it, and there were customers most evenings.

        And Al Fresco does not have alcohol, not sure whether it's permitted to pop your own beer or wine bottle if you are at an outside table.

        Northside Restaurant
        2377 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631

        1. re: Dan D

          Starvin Marlin went there this past weekend on our way to the WHAT. Pleasantly surprised. We both had the duck with horseradish mash potatoes and veggies' . thought it was very good and will go back. We were going to JC's place aka Susuit Harbor cafe but it was way too busy.

      2. Nice sandwich spot as described. Had a nice take on the Muffeletta as a panini on focaccia and a chicken club with pesto, yellow tomato, and red onion. Both were very tasty. Side deck overlooks a small couryard with several fountains. Very busy on a Saturday afternoon. Nice choice for an area without many alternatives. (They were sold out of the swordfish sammie which I will order next time I return)

        1. I had to take a deep cleansing breath for a few days before posting. Based on your review and a word of mouth rec we stopped here on our way home from two gorgeous weeks in Truro. We arrived about 5 of eleven and were happily reading the menu preparing to order as the clock ticked 11 am and were informed that they stop serving breakfast at 11 and don't take lunch orders until 11:30. No pleasantries or suggestions of a drink or a pastry. I asked if I could get a coffee- "what size" was the only response. Managed to beg for a toasted bagel and was handed a flattened bagel that had been "toasted" (burned) on a panini press. Yum. I hope the person who greeted us so rudely finds another line of work. I don't know if I would go back but want to warn anyone who does to avoid the witching hour of 11 am.