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Jul 23, 2011 04:16 PM

Tramotina 22qt

so I was looking around in Wal Mart for some Tramotina pieces and didn't find any. However, I stumbled upon the discount isle and they had a 22qt Tramotina stock pot. It had a large dent in the side towards the bottom. So, I asked how much it was she said $35 normally $49.99. Soo..., good deal or not? The dent was large enough to have affected the inside, but not much.

On another note WS has a Steel Grill Sauté pan for the BBQ normally $59.99 on sale for $16.09. That's a pretty good deal.

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  1. Do ya really need a 22qt. pot? I say Nay on 22!

    1. I use my 20 quart aluminum pot for BWB canning, had it for about 20 years. They are cheap. Depends what you want to use it for but I wouldn't spend even 35 on a damaged pot.

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      1. re: rasputina

        Well, I would use it. Wife loves crab boils, crawfish boils etc...

        1. re: longtimecook

          I use a 12 quart multi pot for that. But hey down here the 20 quart ones are common and not even considered overly large.

      2. You should be able to get that a lot cheaper. Go for $20 and see what they say but don't spend that much on it.

        WalMart has discounted the TriPly set over 50%. I picked up a set late last year for $50 instead of the normal $150. Don't know why it was discounted; just snatched it up! There's nothing wrong with any of the pieces.

        1. If you check Sam's club, you can buy this stockpot without a dent $49, I or a smaller Bakers & Chefs aluminum pot, which I think is 16 or 18 quarts, for nearly half that. For $15, I don't want a dent big enough to affect the inside. I'd have to look at it every time I used it.

          1. Hi, longtimecook:

            Question #1... If you need a stocker that large (many do), the bottom of it sits flat on your hob, and the interior lining isn't compromised (just dented), $35 is not a bad deal. But will you value saving $15 more than you will rue the dent?

            Question #2... IMO, I can see why W-S is basically giving this away, but there is no value there. This is a really dumb idea. It's not a saute pan. It's not even a pan. It's a fine strainer with a lid and a detachable handle. You can't sear in it (at least not in any fat), despite what the ad pap suggests. Whatever the attempts to actually saute and brown food in it, the butter will drip, smoke and stink up the food. A` simple wire grill basket would better cook and flavor the food. W-S has now officially one-upped A-C's moronic chicken roaster. Sheesh.


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            1. re: kaleokahu


              I was thinking about that and difference is $15. Overall, not really a big deal
              LoL, I get the sense that you don't like WS. I don't know about the pan. I wondered how it could be practical as a "saute pan" but if you want to put some smoke flavor on potatoes or a vegetable medley of some sort $16 is still not a bad deal IMO. I have the mesh SS 10 inch one. I love it and I paid $30 for it and it was recently on sale for $9.99 grrr.

              1. re: longtimecook

                Hi, longtimecook:

                Well, it *can't* be practical as a saute; that's the gravamen of my awarding W-S the Really Dumb award. If one wants smokiness in food, you hardly need a special "pan" for that--a grille/fry basket or a pyrex pieplate in the BBQ does that just fine.

                You are correct that I do not have much use for W-S anymore. Despite expensive and ongoing attempts at keeping the branding consistent, they've become just another megacorp strip mall chain. Associates are typically knowledgeable only in the narrow scope in which they've received internal training. It is as if the branding has *become* W-S, and the underlying substance is dying away.

                If it makes you feel any better, I feel the same way about Sur la Table.

                I understand there are many who do not live near cities with good indie kitchen stores, or near cities at all, and who therefore go online to shop at W-S. To those, I'd urge that they try a truly fine business with a deep and wide repository of both cookware and expertise, like Fantes in Philadelphia. They're on line, too, just not with all the glitz and attitude. Check 'em out.


                  1. re: Jay F

                    Hi, Jay:

                    Good to hear that. I think Fante's is as close to a national treasure we have in cookware stores. At least that I know about. Never been given a wrong answer there. Never felt limited in my choices. Never dealt with an unknowledgeable or snotty salesperson. No inflated prices, either.