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Jul 23, 2011 02:49 PM

Two College Students in Boston for 4 days

Hi all- I had great luck on this message board for finding a good place to eat in Minneapolis last winter so I decided to give it a shot for the Boston area.

I am going to Boston with my boyfriend and we are staying at the Omni Parker Hotel for four days in August. I have been to Boston once before for one day and he has never been.

We are looking for good places to eat!! I do not think that our hotel has a complementary breakfast so I am interested in all types of food recommendations. We are college students so we would like to keep it relatively cheap- although I know we will want to have one or two NICE dinners out to celebrate our vacation and our anniversary. We love all sorts of food- including seafood, chinese, mexican, sushi, pizza/italian etc. We are probably two of the least picky people when it comes to food!!

We are also looking for good bars/areas with live music where we can sit and enjoy a drink without breaking the bank. Does anyone have any good suggestions??


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  1. If you're in town for a weekend, stop down to the North End for one of the Italian festivals...they usually have tons of street vendors and live entertainment. Food will be cheaper than going to a restaurant.

    1. Toad is a great little bar in Porter Square. No cover and live music nightly.

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        If you go to Toad, you can eat first at Rod Dee (thai). That would be a fun night.

        Similarly, check out the music schedule at Johnny D's in Davis Square. Lots of places to eat first in the hood.

      2. Gallaria Umberto will be open again in August. It is street Sicilian food. Great arancinis, pizza, potato croquettes,and calzones. Even though their prices generally go up in August, you could still have almost any two items on the menu, plus a coke for well under $10 ($4-9 depending on what you order). They open for lunch around 10:45 (people start lining up by 10:30. and they close when the sell out, usually by 2pm. Get there early for the best selection.

        Toad is a great little bar, with live music. When you get to town, pick up a free Phoenix Newspaper, our weekly arts paper, with listings for all the clubs and music choices. There are many places to see live music of varied types on any given night, and most of the music venues have decent prices for beer and such.

        1. Wow perfect thanks everyone! I'll definitely check out those places!

          1. You should try to get to Pizzeria Regina in the North End. It is an ancient place with really great pizza.