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Jul 23, 2011 01:59 PM

UES dinner for a group of guys...

OK, so a small guys night planned in a few weeks, want to stay near friends apartment in UES...but want to eat well and have some fun! No steakhouses that I know of....what recommendations can the hounds give me???

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  1. cascabel

    1538 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

    1. What are the cross-streets of the apartment? How much do you want to spend per person before tax, tip, drinks/wine/beer? How many people in your party?

      1. Do you mean you don't want to do a steakhouse, or you don't know of any near your friend's place?

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        1. re: RGR

          Friend is at 80th and 1st . 5 guys in the party, money not really an issue, but not looking for fancy per se (no pun intended :). Want to be somewhat casual, fun, great food. Steakhouse would be great, do not know of any in the area.

          1. re: ollavac

            10 blocks north on 3rd is Parlor Steakhouse. Nice space, reasonable prices. Nice service.

            Parlor Steakhouse
            1600 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10128

            1. re: jinglejangle

              That's the one I was thinking of. Though we haven't been to Parlor Steakhouse, our daughter and son-in-law who live right near it have tried it, and they said the food's good.


              1. re: RGR

                Parlor is okay, not worth the money in my opinion.