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Jul 23, 2011 01:06 PM

Need rcommendation for Milan near Four Seasons hotel

I've figured out a good plan for Venice and Bellagio thanks to great help from this board. Need recommendation for our last night in Italy. We are staying in the Four Seasons hotel and would like something within walking distance or a very short taxi ride. Want the best combination of atmosphere and food. Can be high end or not. Looking for something special unlike anything we can get in USA. Thanks in advance if you can help me.

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  1. I stuck your hotel into the restaurant search and got this list

    Trussardi, a newly anointed michelin 2* is close - the reviews on the viamichelin site are mixed.

    Emilia e Carlo is not far and got a warm review recently.

    There are also a number of recent threads addressing simpler places, which may be to your taste at the end of your journey -we appreciated the quintessential simplicity of Latteria San Marco at the end our our recent visit but that may be

    Latteria San Marco
    Via San Marco 24, Milan, Lombardia , IT

    Emilia e Carlo
    Via Giuseppe Sacchi, 8, Milan, Lombardia , IT

    Trussardi alla Scala
    Piazza della Scala, Milan, Lombardia 20121, IT