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Jul 23, 2011 12:48 PM

Question about marianding/ freezing

I'd like to marinade boneless chicken in freezer bags, THEN freeze it (in the same bag, marinade and all). Has anyone done this? What types of marinade work best?

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  1. Of course you can.

    And what do you mean by what marinades work best? Work best for ... freezing? Or for chicken generally?

    If the former, then any marinade freezes just as well as any other. As for the latter, that's a whole 'nother thread you're going to have start ...


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    1. bagged like that will take up lots more freezer space. if that's not an issue for you, there is no reason not to do this.

      don't try to freeze anything creamy. anything acid-based will work fine.

      1. I like to use Yoshida gourmet sauce. It works really well on just about any kind of meat.

        1. This works really well - I do it all the time before a camping trip. Freeze the meat and marinade and it helps to act as an ice pack in the cooler and no prep required at the camp site!