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Jul 23, 2011 11:39 AM

needs upgrade - Riverbay Restaurant

I will keep this short & sweet. The food is great..
The inside is looking tired & old. Staff is average for the prices.
The air conditioning did not work or was old & not working well. People were walking out due to the heat inside the place. I do not mind the heat .But watching the staff sweat in their uniforms was sad...
This is SUPPOSED to be a Top of the line place. They own many others. Time not to be cheap & upgrade to be what the place is billed to be. NO AC?? REALLY???

700 Willis Avenue
Williston Park, NY 11596-1105
(516) 742-9191

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  1. Does the AC *never* work, or are you talking about a single visit?

    Things break down; that's beyond the restaurant's control. I can't imagine they wouldn't care about getting the AC running.

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    1. re: Scott_R

      I asked the manager. he said the AC is Old & needed replacing..but the Owners would not do it because they did not NEED to spend the money on this because the Place is packed most nights...

      1. re: wishuwerhere

        The MANAGER told you the owners don't want to spend the money? If that's the case, Riverbay has a much bigger problem than old air conditioning.

        1. re: EZ Pass

          oh they do!!! He was sweating up a storm... Fielding complaints & not a happy camper

          1. re: wishuwerhere

            I guess I was not wrong Riverbay closed its door last night..Closed for good

            1. re: wishuwerhere

              OK I found out the 411..It is in The "process" of shutting down...I guess no one was supposed to know that,

              1. re: wishuwerhere

                They are becomeing a TD bank..I guess no one was supposed to know this,i thought they were shutting down right away since construction started. but They told me it can take up to a year

                1. re: wishuwerhere

                  Either way, good to know and thanks for the info.