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Jul 23, 2011 09:49 AM

excellent bbq !

Just south of Somerset, KY
rte 90 off of 27 south of town, across the bridge, look left for BBQ on roof, that's it!!
Very low key, excellent pulled pork, melting ribs, and going back to try the brisket which he says is his best---I drove 55 minutes for it, well worth it, going back soon---try it if you're in the area.
Their phone number is 606-561-6596
They're on Facebook, menu, map, the works.

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  1. Mamma's Porch Barbeque
    215 Kentucky 90, Bronston, KY
    (606) 561-6596

    1. the map on the right is wrong---take 27 south of Somerset, use the new bypass if you can to miss a lot of lights---90 west, just a little bit and across a new bridge, it's on the left, second left or first left and first right, easy to find---it's in Bronston, not Parkers Lake
      try to find it, best bbq I've had in my 7 years in KY.